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City of Prescott

201 N. Montezuma St. Suite 302 Prescott, AZ 86301


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City of Prescott Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Acker Trust Board
Airport Advisory Committee

Art in Public Places
CDBG Citizens Advisory Committee
Library Advisory Board

Municipal Property Corporation (MPC)
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
Tourism Advisory Committee
Workforce Housing Committee

The below BCCs have a City of Prescott residency requirement.
Use the following link to verify that your home address is within the City of Prescott city boundaries:

Building Advisory & Appeals Board
Board of Adjustment
Fire Board of Appeals
Industrial Development Authority (IDA)
Pedestrian, Bicycle & Traffic Advisory Committee 
Planning & Zoning Commission 
Prescott Preservation Commission 
PSPRS - Police
* PSPRS - Fire
* PSPRS - Joint Police and Fire


Please indicate which BCC you are applying to. You may choose up to three. Please note, applications are no longer held for one year for future consideration; you must apply each time there is a vacancy you are interested in. 

Please indicate your interest in serving as Chairperson or as Vice-Chairperson on the BCCs that you are applying to. Please note: PSPRS, MPC, and IDA do not have Chair/Vice-Chair positions and do not apply to this question.

Current Employment Information

Personal Information

Are you a resident of the City of Prescott? (Use to verify that your home address is within the City of Prescott city boundaries.)

Referred By

Have you participated in the City of Prescott Citizen's Academy?

For more information on the City of Prescott Citizens Academy go to

References - Please List Three

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Affirmation of Eligibility - Please Attach Additional Information for any "Yes" responses

Are you currently charged with or have you ever been convicted, received deferred adjudication, or entered a guilty plea or nolo contendere for any Felony or Class 1 Misdemeanor offense?

To your knowledge, has any formal charge of professional misconduct ever been filed against you by a licensing or regulatory board or by any other disciplinary body in any jurisdiction?

In the past five years, have you ever been reprimanded, demoted, disciplined, placed on probation, suspended, cautioned or terminated by an employer as a result of your alleged consumption or use of alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs?

Is there any information that, if it came to light, would embarrass you or reflect negatively on your appointment?

Is there any possible conflict of interest, whether financial or personal, or other matter that would create problems or prevent you from fairly and impartially discharging your duties as an appointee?

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Please Note: If you are recommended by the Council Subcommittee on Appointments for appointment to a Board, Commission, or Committee a background investigation is required and will be conducted by the City of Prescott.
The City Clerk's Office will follow up with necessary information as required. 

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