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City of Prescott

201 S. Cortez Street, Prescott, AZ, 86303, US


Grant Application

Grant applications are now being accepted, but because of lower incoming donations, each request is limited to $250.

The Change for the Better Initiative collects money through collection meters downtown and online donations to distribute to charitable organizations who apply for this grant and who directly help the homeless and/or panhandlers. Distribution will occur on a regular basis as funds are collected and requested and you may submit a request once per calendar month. To request funds, please fill out the form below. Fulfilling transportation and housing needs are two areas that the city would like to see the funding used for.

Full Name

Mailing Address of Organization

    Please Upload Your Organization's W9 Form (this will allow us to to distribute the money to you if approved. If you have submitted this in the past you do not need to resubmit)