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City of Prescott Recreation Services

824 E. Gurley Street Prescott, AZ 86301


Recreation Services Department Parking Pass Application - Lake Parks

Anyone may purchase a parking pass allowing the bearer to park at Constellation Trail, Willow Lake, Watson Lake, Goldwater Lake Park as well as the Peavine Trail/Sundog Ranch Road Trailhead. Your pass is good for all locations on the same day. The regular fee is $3 at the kiosk. The fees for pre-purchased parking passes are as follows:

10 Park visits for $20

40 Park visits for $60

Annual Pass $100 (limit one use per day)


Parking passes are good at any of the five sites where parking fees are collected. A printed receipt is valid at all of the five sites in a single day. The parking pass is valid for parking fees only – camping fees or special event fees are not included. All pass holders will abide by all park rules.

The annual parking pass does not guarantee admission to a park that has been closed, restricted, or reached capacity.

Your parking pass is a 7-digit pin that you create. For example, some may choose to use their 7-digit phone number. Please note that the parking pass code is activated manually, so purchases made after office hours of M-F, 8AM-4PM will not be activated until the next business day. To verify quantities left on your pass please call 928-777-1122

To use the kiosk, press the button adjacent to “ANNUAL PASS USERS.” Once your code is entered; a day-use receipt will print out and can be located in the area below.

You will be responsible for displaying the day-use printed receipt on your dashboard. Failure to visibly display your day-use pass will result in a parking violation. Parking citations will be issued to those vehicles that are not in compliance. It is therefore imperative that all parking pass holders understand that they must stop at the kiosk for a printed parking passes.

Full Address

Paying For Your Pass:

10 Park Visits for $20

40 Park Visits for $60

Annual Pass $100 (Limit One User Per Day)

Please select which option you will be paying for today:

You will be purchasing 10 Park Visits for $20

You will be purchasing 40 Park Visits for $60

You will be purchasing an Annual Pass $100 (Limit One User Per Day)

Total Cost

I certify that I have read and understand the above stated policies and will abide by all policies, rules, regulations and conditions of use as written.

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